Saturday, September 21, 2024 ✦ Noon to 7pm


Please fill out the form below to hold your spot in this year's indoor invitational bike show.

Primary contact: Kurt Diserio | 304-670-6450

To keep the show clean and free from hazards, we ask that you please contact us ahead of time if you plan to use display items with your motorcycle setup that are not directly part of the bike. Simply get ahold of Kurt using the contact info above. Thanks!

Bike Labels

Design Layout Example

Along with other goodies in the Welcome Pack, each bike in the indoor show receives a custom plaque displaying the builder/owner name, the shop (if applicable), and the bike model. Please keep this in mind when filling out the information above.

Here are some examples from previous years so you get the idea. You will receive a proof image by email for approval before the show.